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Social Connections Program

Typical social skills training programs focus on teaching behaviors that would make the neurodivergent
child or an adult appear neurotypical in social settings (make eye contact, stay still, pretend you are
interested even if you are not). Children are often told to mask their natural behavior and personality
traits in order to please others and not be viewed as “weird”. In other words, children are encouraged to
perform for others in order to “blend in” and to get social approval. This is called masking or
camouflaging. While following the neurotypical social rules can be very important for safety and other
reasons, masking can be extremely exhausting and taxing on the child’s mental health. While we do
provide guidance by teaching the children about safety rules and neurotypical social expectations, our
main goal is to encourage every child and teen to embrace their unique selves and to make informed
decisions when it comes to navigating common social situations at home, in school and in the
community. Understanding things like sensory preferences, masking, stimming, self-regulation, etc. will
make it easier for a child understand their own needs and therefore will help them develop appropriate
coping mechanisms to manage difficult emotions and skills to navigate various social situations.


Social Discoveries

(K-6th grade)

These classes are for children who struggle with connecting to peers with building meaningful relationships with others. We help children develop such skills as initiating and maintaining conversation, understanding personal space and reading non-verbal cues, social problem solving, and perspective taking. In this class, children will also learn to navigate their emotions and express themselves effectively in social situations. 

Happy Kids Huddle

LEGO® Connections

(K-6th Grade)


LEGO® Connections is our most popular class so far! In this class children get to do what they love - build LEGO® creations, while working together and developing strong skills needed for social success. This class focuses on such skills as collaboration, team work, sharing and turn taking, thinking about others, verbal and non-verbal communication, and social problem solving.

Play and Friendship

(pre-K to 6th grade)

This class is for children with who struggle with interacting and playing with others. Our approach is based on principles of DIR® (floor-time), RDI, and Sensory Integration. We use visual schedules, sign language, music, movement, art and other engaging activities that keep each child's interest and help them develop such skills as turn taking and sharing, playing with others, and initiating interaction with others.

Girl Connections

(3rd-8th Grade)

This class is designed to help children navigate social relationships, manage anxiety and other emotions and develop healthy self-image. These classes combine components of Social Thinking®, play, art, creative writing and other interest based activities.

Teen Connections

(7th-12th grade)

This class is for Neurodivergent Middle and High School students, who are dealing with challenges related to transition to high school, puberty, dating and friendship, self-acceptance, self-advocacy, socialization, and effective communication with adults and peers.

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