Cool and Social (K-6th grade)

This class is for children who struggle with navigating their emotions, expressing themselves effectively, and building positive relationships with peers. This class helps children improve emotional self-regulation skills and learn social skills necessary for making long lasting friendships.

Kids for Peace

LEGO® Connections (K-8th Grade)


LEGO® Connections is our most popular class so far! In this class children get to do what they love - build LEGO® creations, while working together and developing strong skills needed for social success. This class focuses on such skills as collaboration,team work, sharing and turn taking, thinking about others, verbal and non-verbal communication, and social problem solving.

Play and Friendship (ages 3-12)

This class is for children with who struggle with communicating and playing with others. Our approach is based on principles of DIR® (floor-time), RDI, and Sensory Integration. We use visual schedules, sign language, music, movement, art and other engaging activities that keep each child's interest and help them develop such skills as  turn taking and sharing, playing with others, and initiating interaction with others.

Social Discoveries (K-8th Grade)

Happy Kids Huddle

These classes are for children who need help in learning basic and more advanced social skills and effectively using these skills to form effective relationships with others. We help children develop such skills as initiating and maintaining conversation, understanding personal space and reading non-verbal cues, social problem solving, and building meaningful relationships with peer. 

Girl Power (3rd-8th Grade)

Girl groups are designed to help girls navigate social relationships, manage anxiety and develop healthy self-image. These classes combine components of Social Thinking®, cooperative play, art, creative writing and other age appropriate activities.

ASD Teen Connections (ages 13-18)

This class is for Middle and High School students, diagnosed with ASD and related developmental disorders, who are dealing with challenges related to transition to high school, puberty, dating and friendship, socialization, and effective communication with adults and peers.

Sibling Connections (ages 7-10 and 11-14)

Happy Children

This weekly workshop is for children who have a sibling with special needs. Children will have the opportunity to share the joys of having a sibling with special needs, discuss some of the more challenging experiences, and discover their own strengths in a supportive, engaging group.

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